Earrings in white gold and blue topaz

White gold earrings with Catalan clasp.

2 fine blue topaz in princess cut, 7 x 7 m / m. and 4.22 cts.

80 brilliant cut diamonds, 0.76 cts.

11.20 grams of weight.

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Earrings made in 18 carat white gold (750 / ooo thousandths).

The upper stones of the earrings are a few square blue topazes. They are set on a base of four staples protecting the margins of the edges of the stone with angles of ninety degrees from the staple itself. The rest of the earring in its lower part is set with brilliant-cut diamonds; to give it a more attractive and eye-catching appearance, it incorporates diamond inlays, both on the sides and on the staples themselves. This special arrangement of diamonds in the jewel further enhances the electric color of fine blue sapphire, being an innovation within a sober piece, but remarkably different. The closures are of Catalan type and are tempered by hand for greater security of opening and closing them. It has a final weight of 11'20 grams of gold (0'3951 ounces) and a rhodium finish.

-2 fine blue topaz princess cut (squares) of 7 mm x 7 mm and a total weight of 4'22 cts.

-80 brilliant cut diamonds with a total weight of 0.76 cts.

Color E-F-G-H (the most transparent and quality diamonds are E-F-G-H). Purity VVS2-VS1-VS2. Perfect or very good or exceptional or extra size (cut diamonds fulfilling very strict requirements regarding the percentage of the depth and the percentage of the board, these excellent proportions optimize the fire and the brilliance of the diamond).

Both the color, purity and size will be detailed exactly in the independent gemological certificate that we will deliver to you with the piece (in this description that you have read exclusively we indicate an approximation to the final result, since it is impossible to make a detailed detail individualized for each piece without the independent gemological certification of the same.The quality thresholds, however, are of extremely high degree, and this will be reflected in the jewelry certificate, in the independent gemological certificate and in the detailed invoice).

This jewel is only available in white gold.

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