Angel Callers: History, Legend, and Meaning

An Angel Caller is a round silver sphere that emits a harmonious sound when shaken. The legend gives it the power to protect whoever owns it and promote their well-being (click here to access our catalogue:

It is worn around the neck as a pendant. It can also be located in the home, preferably on a door or in a crib: on the door, because when we open and close it, we cause the Angel Caller to move and sound; in the crib, to make it ring before the baby falls asleep and thus protect his sleep. In fact, although the caller is for the exclusive benefit of the carrier, it would protect the future child even while in the womb. To do this, a chain of at least 70 centimeters is used; thus, the caller will be at the height of the baby. Of course: once it is born, it can only be used by one of the two, mother or child.

Angel Callers produce a harmonious and pleasant sound -like that of little bells- which, according to tradition, attracts and warns our Guide Angel -Guardian Angel- that we need his presence. The angels love this sound, probably because of the transmission of the metallic and graceful vibrations; if, in addition, it is used by a human, the angels receive an extra message that informs them that they are being called by a being they love.

There are several legends about the history and origins of Angel Callers. Perhaps, the most beautiful is a legend that tells us that, thousands of years ago, humans lived in direct contact with their Guide Angels or Guardian Angels, and that, for some reason surely linked to Original Sin, they had to stop living together with them. The angels, saddened by the loss of the company of humans -the beings they loved the most- presented them with spherical pendants of pure silver that, when shaken, sounded like bells. These spheres were a symbol of protection.

The angels said goodbye to the humans and explained to them that, even if they never saw them again, if they felt in danger, unprotected or simply sad, they only needed to shake the sphere, because when they heard its sound, the Guide Angel -Angel Guardian- of each one would come to their aid or company.

The angels put a single condition: the pendant would be for exclusive and personal use, since they all had their own sound and recognizable by each Guide Angel -Guardian Angel-, and this angel cannot be "lent" to another person. If this condition was violated, the magic and protection of the sphere would disappear. They also explained to the humans that the same pendant could be used by a mother and her baby while it is pregnant, since, in that state, both share a Guide Angel. Once the baby had seen the light, the mother had to decide whether the pendant was to be used for her protection or that of her newborn child.

Our ancestors decided to call these pendants "Angel Callers".

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