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Factors that determine the gold price

Safe-haven value Gold is perceived as a safe-haven asset; therefore, its price varies directly in proportion to the increase in investment risk derived from situations of war, terrorism, and the difficulties in finding and applying effective policies in environments of economic crisis.

Health of the dollar

Historically, the strength or weakness of the dollar has demonstrated its inverse influence on the gold price.

Fluctuations in price levels

Over time, the gold price has been closely linked to inflationary and deflationary scenarios.

Interest rates

A poorly attractive return on deposits prompts investors to turn to more attractive assets; gold benefits from the demand from those whose profile is clearly conservative. The consequence of the increase in demand is clear: a substantial variation in the gold price.

Reserves of emerging economies

Countries such as India and China increase their reserves of the precious metal through local production, but also through buying operations in international markets; the magnitude of these operations puts pressure on the demand curve and radicalizes the gold price.

Exponential growth in jewelry demand

The incorporation of BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) into the so-called first world entails a substantial increase in the volume of market agents. New customers expand their demand spectrum, and jewelry products are not immune to this circumstance. This industry requires gold as its main raw material, and the gold price is sensitive to it.


The scarce prospects of finding new deposits and the complexity of maximizing extraction prevent parallel curves from being drawn on an imaginary graph that relates production and demand. The gold price is affected by the verticality of the supply curve and the shift of the demand curve.